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Should the pigeon stay up late?



Start by assembling the students and revealing three items from your bag. These items could range from toys, shoes, shirts, or any collectible that captures the students’ interest. Prompt the students to express which item they believe is the best.

It’s expected that they’ll offer varied opinions. Engage them in a discussion about the significance of not just stating their preferred choice, but also articulating the reasons behind their preference.

Learning Objectives

  • The student will select a stance on a provided issue and justify their viewpoint.
  • The student will compose a minimum of five coherent sentences.
  • The student will provide at least three pieces of evidence to support their opinion.

For the complete writing prompt, please refer to the downloadable PDF.


Download Full Writing Prompt: Should the pigeon stay up late?


The outlined learning objectives aim to foster critical thinking and effective communication skills among students. By encouraging them to choose a side on a given issue, articulate their opinions through writing, and provide supporting evidence, the objectives seek to promote analytical thinking, persuasive writing, and the ability to construct well-supported arguments. These skills are invaluable in academic settings and essential for success in various aspects of life.

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