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Revolutions in History



Social Studies9-12

Social Studies classes often focus heavily on the American Revolutionary War, leaving little room to explore Latin American revolutions. This lesson prompts students to delve into the wars of independence in Latin American states, fostering comparisons with the American Revolution.

Learning Objectives

Here are the learning objectives:

  • Determine central ideas from primary or secondary sources, providing accurate summaries highlighting key details and relationships (ELA-Literacy.RH.11-12.2).
  • Integrate and evaluate information from various sources in different media formats to address questions or solve problems (ELA-Literacy.RH.11-12.7).
  • Integrate information from diverse primary and secondary sources to coherently understand an idea or event while recognizing source discrepancies (ELA-Literacy, RH.11-12.9).

For the complete lesson plan, access the PDF file.


Download Full Lesson Plan: Revolutions in History


This lesson aims to empower students to discern central ideas from primary and secondary sources, adeptly summarizing key details and relationships. Students will enhance their problem-solving skills by integrating and evaluating information from diverse formats and media. Moreover, they will develop a nuanced understanding of historical events by synthesizing information from various sources, honing their critical thinking abilities.

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